YouTube  gets more  than 30 billion  unique users per month. 

Even  if you  only get  seen by a  fraction of a fraction of that audience, you can build a

very nice income in 7 different ways, like this:

1: Send traffic to your website. 

If  your  website  is built  to create income,  you can use YouTube  to get traffic to your  site. 

Repurpose  your older  content into  videos, and create new videos, too. Place your website

URL in the first line of your video descriptions and funnel your new traffic straight to your website.

Killer  trick: Inside  your video, offer  a content upgrade found on your site. For example,

if your video teaches how to get clients using LinkedIn, offer an email template on your

website that professionals can use to get those clients.

2: Sell your own products. 

If  you’re  creating  your own products,  such as ebooks, courses,  apps, music and

so forth,  you can use YouTube to promote them. 

Add  your link  to your product  in your video’s description so viewer’s can check it out.

3: Make your Kickstarter campaign successful. 

If  you’ve  got a great  idea for a product  or service but you need funding, create some

videos and encourage viewers to comment. 

You’ll find out what they like and what needs improving,  or if your idea is even viable.

Tweak your idea until you get it right, and then launch on Kickstarter.

4: Do affiliate marketing 

There are hundreds of thousands of companies that  would love to pay you a commission

for sending them buyers. 

Review  the product  you are promoting  in a video or create a “how to” use the product tutorial. 

Place  your affiliate  link in the YouTube description to get credit for the sales.


5: Join the YouTube partner program. 

When  you’re  ready, you  can make money  simply by getting  a lot of views by sharing

in YouTube’s advertising revenue.

You might create your own YouTube series. 

For example, you could do a talk show, drama, comedy or whatever you’re good at.

Keep making new episodes and getting people to subscribe.

Or become a personality. If you’re passionate about your interests and love talking about

them, why not? You could be the next YouTube star.

6: Create tutorials. 

Are you good at teaching? Then show people how to do things, such as apply makeup,

build birdhouses, baking cakes and so forth. 

Monetize with affiliate links or AdSense or even by linking to your own products.

7: Build your brand and have fun. 

Regardless of your niche, or even if you have a niche yet, it’s a great idea to build your brand.

Make videos of whatever works to your strengths and interests, have fun and see what works

for you. You might even turn yourself, your pet or your child into a star simply by being yourselves

and seeing what you can make happen.

And if you start getting tons of views, then you can choose how to monetize your newfound

fame and audience.