How email marketing is effective?

The money is in the list. That’s right.
But which list?
Most marketers are doing email marketing all wrong.

Approach #1

Most marketers create a blind opt-in form that leaves the new subscriber clueless about what they are receiving.
Actually, they are building a big list but they don’t care if these subscribers open or read their emails.
If you are doing email marketing as most marketers do, your new subscribers will instantly mistrust you. In most cases, they’ll give you their junk email address. They will go quickly through your lead magnet, throw it away, and mark your email as spam and will never read one of your emails again.


Approach #2

In the second approach, you can make that big promise: “Here’s How I get $10K per week Using Only This Weird Trick.”

Again, they will give you their throw away email address because they simply do not trust you. They’ll quickly skim the report (maybe) and then certainly forget about it. Eventually, they’ll never open your emails again.
You may think that you got tons of subscribers, right?

But how would you consider them subscribers if they gave you a junk email and never click your emails?
In fact, trust-building comes first before you ever ask for the email address. And that’s the key to building a responsive email list.

In order to succeed in your email marketing journey, consider the two easiest success methods out there:

Email marketing method #1: Create a long-form squeeze page.

Take some time to brief them on what they are getting and how they can use it. Do this instead of having a little box with some text that says, “Get the greatest report ever written!” followed by a blank space for their email address. Talk about their problem, let them know you’ve got the solution, create a long list of super enticing bullets, and back the whole thing up with plenty of testimonials.
And if you have a brand, this makes you stand apart from the crowd.

Email marketing method #2: Add value before asking for the opt-in.

This second success rule is even better, yet most email marketers are always terrified to consider it.
Create several pages of your very best of high-quality content. Be sure to make it conversational and interesting. Put plenty of personality into it because it’ll count for more than the information you are giving. As they read, keep your subscribers sticking from page to page by making each page naturally flow into the next page, Be passionate, enthusiastic, state your opinions and talk to the person you are trying to reach.
Make each piece of your report is full of great info and naturally leads into the next page. Finally, make an offer on the last page.

Yes, go ahead and sell them something. Now, you’ve just spent several pages earning their trust, so why not?
If they don’t take the offer, ask if you can give them something for free in exchange for the email address.
For instance, you can offer them a package of several products. If they don’t take it, then offer them one of the products for free in exchange for their contact details.
They’ll give you their real address email because you’ve just spent several pages earning their trust.

Free-traffic-24h-pass-780-250 Final thoughts

To sum up, most marketers are afraid to try these two easy and simple methods because they know they will get a small list of few subscribers.
But the quality of the subscribers is your top priority, remember.
You get real and valid email addresses from people who actually want to do business with you.
Test it out for yourself. I think you’ll be astonished at the difference it makes in your bottom line.