THE YTA METHOD: The NEW WAY To Profit From YouTube


In this YTA Masterclass review, you’ll learn about the next big business model. It’s a NEW WAY to leverage YouTube to make money online without being a “YouTuber” or even spending a dime on YouTube ads.

During these uncertain economic times, it’s critical to add a few more passive income streams. Especially when you have extra time at home, you should definitely use that time to your advantage.

YTA method

The great thing about this YouTube course is that it’s super easy and fun. It’s created by 3 young entrepreneurs.

Caleb and his business partner Ryan didn’t know about YouTube Automation until they met Devon. When he explained what he has been doing, they were blown away by the results. Devon was making $30,000 profit a month off of YouTube channels that were fully automated and outsourced.

So Caleb cut Devon a $100,000 check to film The YTA Masterclass, teaching everything he knows about YouTube automation.

Part of the deal is that Devon doesn’t hold anything back, and shares his entire duplicatable formula… the same formula that is the reason he owns many of the most successful YouTube Automation channels in the world…


Let’s dig in more about this exciting new business opportunity that the YTA Masterclass is presenting.

What is The YTA Masterclass?

The YTA (YouTube Automation) Masterclass is a step-by-step course showing you THE NEW WAY to profit from YouTube Automation.

$6 Billion dollars is being paid every year to YouTubers who upload new videos.

A little known secret about YouTube is that you too can make money with videos on YouTube without showing your face on camera, or even being good at technology.

The YTA Method

Devon finally agreed to reveal everything about how he has been earning passive income using the same basic principles of real estate.

The YTA Masterclass is a proven system taught by people actually doing it everyday.

They have well over 2000 streams of income. It’s a complete course & community. No stone is left unturned and nothing is held back, so you can replicate their success very quickly.

The most important parts of the YTA Method are as follows:

The OPC Hack – Guaranteed Virality

They have developed a proven way to dominate any niche every time without relying on hope or luck. OPC stands for “Other People’s Channels” and you don’t even have to be in the video for this to work. You’ll be learning how to quickly make viral videos using this method.

Automation – The Power of Autopilot

Inside the YTA Masterclass, you’ll not only learn how to create ONE viral video, but hundreds of videos that generate true passive income.

You can now outsource the entire process so you don’t need to create videos yourself, turning your YouTube channel into a “hands free” Money Making Machine.

Who Created The YTA Masterclass?

When I first heard about Caleb Maddix, he was around 9 year old and he published his first book.

The YTA Masterclass Devon

I remember the story that went something like this.  There was a bully who was in for no good. His mom sent him to Caleb’s seminar, and then a bully has changed 180 degrees after that. He was no longer interested in bad stuff anymore and he even started making money.

It was very inspiring story…

Now he got older. He has been voted among the “The Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30” and “The Top 20 Most Motivational People on the Planet.”

Caleb Maddix made his first $100,000 by age 14, and is the co-founder of a kids education company, Apex 4 Kids, valued between $15-$30 million dollars. He gets paid $25,000+ per speaking gig…

He is the author of 9 books, an international keynote speaker, and a social media influencer who has had dozens of viral videos – some reaching as many as 40,000,000 people.

Oh and I forgot to mention… he’s only 18 years old.

His co-founder in Apex 4 Kids, Ryan O’Donnell is a 20 year old entrepreneur who was behind the biggest launch in internet history with Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russell Brunson and has helped generate $50MM+ online.

All the strategies behind the YTA method are based on Devon’s teachings. When Caleb & Ryan heard about him, they were extremely skeptical and thought it was just good luck – or at least that he was hiding something. But they knew if it wasn’t luck and he wasn’t hiding something, this would by far be the best new opportunity they had ever seen.

So they spent weeks digging deep and trying to poke holes in this new business model, trying to look at it objectively from all perspectives.

Seeing if it works at scale, where it could break, if any part of it wasn’t in full integrity that they didn’t know about, and to see if it could be duplicated by the average person.

And after all of this digging they came to the conclusion that YouTube Automation works for one simple reason: Devon’s philosophy behind YouTube being the same principles as real estate.

How Does YouTube Automation Work?

YouTube pays you for every single view… And that means every video you upload is an asset & a stream of income that will pay you forever. That’s why millions of views can result in millions of dollars made… Youtube automation allows you to automate your channel so viral-quality videos are being uploaded every day without you being the one creating them… A lot of marketers are familiar with the concept of “Funnel Hacking”

… And YouTube Automation is the exact same concept but with automated YouTube channels. Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: You find a faceless YouTube channel that is getting millions of views and making millions of dollars.

YTA YouTube Automation Step1

STEP 2: You create a channel in the exact same niche as them.

YTA YouTube Automation Step2

STEP 3: You hire an overseas virtual team to create daily YouTube videos with similar titles, thumbnails, and content to their most viral videos. (the ones that paid them the most)

YTA YouTube Automation Step3

STEP 4: You make passive income without ever stepping in front of the camera, being behind a microphone or editing a single video. (every video you create is a real asset and a new stream of income that pays you forever)

YTA YouTube Automation Step4

STEP 5: You scale by repeating the process and create more YouTube channels following the exact same formula. Eventually you will have a network of YouTube channels creating assets every day that all make you passive income.

YTA YouTube Automation Step5

The YTA Masterclass Bonuses

The YTA Masterclass comes with great bonuses! For a limited time, you’ll be getting the following AMAZING bonuses.

  • YTA MASTERCLASS BONUS #1: Devon Will Train Your YTA Team For You  ($1,997)
  • YTA MASTERCLASS BONUS #2: Fund For Free ($1,997)
  • YTA MASTERCLASS Bonus #3: Tripling Through Translation ($997)
  • YTA MASTERCLASS Bonus #4: Monetizing Outside Of Monetization ($797)
  • YTA MASTERCLASS Bonus #5: YouTube Advertising Mastery ($997)
  • YTA MASTERCLASS Bonus #6: YTA Investing ($197)
  • YTA MASTERCLASS Bonus #7: YTA Channel Flipping Secrets ($497)
  • YTA MASTERCLASS Bonus #8: Celebrity Automation ($497)
  • YTA MASTERCLASS Bonus #9: How To Get Your Channel Monetized ($297)
  • PLUS We convinced Devon to give out the YTA niches to even more people so you don’t miss out on them…

YTA Pros & Cons


  • Your video is an asset that will pay you forever.
  • You can create a passive income when you automate it.
  • It costs $10 to $100 to create a video. 

The YTA Masterclass Community 

Every Friday, Caleb answers all of your questions in Q&A Friday.

He takes time to check member’s videos and gives you very insightful feedback, so you can quickly change your video to go viral.

Many people tend to make it too complicated, but Caleb emphasises that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

FB Live with Caleb

The Next Greatest Business Opportunity?

REAL people making REAL money from YouTube. The number of 6-figure earners on YouTube is increasing by 40% year after year.

Up until now, you had to be the one on camera, editing the videos, coming up with the ideas, and creating the thumbnails yourself everyday.

But with Caleb & Ryan’s YTA Masterclass, you can make passive income without ever stepping in front of the camera, editing even a single video, or being good at technology.

So if you want to make a side or full-time income using YouTube, don’t miss this chance to join the YTA Masterclass.

What They Say About YTA?

Tony Robbins
Tony Robbins

“Caleb Maddix is quite the entrepreneur.”

Russell Brunson
Russel Brunson

“Caleb Maddix is one of the most talented and amazing humans I’ve ever met in my entire life so far on this earth.”

Grant Cardone
Grant Cardone

“Any adult can learn from Caleb Maddix”

Gary Vaynerchuck
Gary Vaynerchuck

“It’s so fun that our industry gets to watch Caleb Maddix grow up”

Dean Graziosi
Dean Graziosi

“I trusted Ryan O’Donnell with $220,00/week in Adspend when he was just 18. There’s so many lessons we can learn from this kid kicking ass”

Frank Kern
Frank Kern

“The Kid [Ryan O’Donnell] is the most natural born marketer I’ve ever met in my entire life”

01. What’s the ballpark of how much will I be paying for my virtual team to automake my channel?

Youtube videos are a real asset, just like real estate and it really depends on what kind of video you want to make.

So it really depends on the niche you’re in, but Caleb’s friends who make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year are paying the maximum of $100 per video. If you make the video every single day, which Caleb recommends,  the maximum you’ll be paying is $3k.

If you’re just starting out, then expect much less.  Caleb’s cousin, for example, is paying around $6 to $10 per video.  That’s less than $300 per month.

02. How can I make copyright free video footage to put in in my video?

There are many websites you can find in google.  Just search for “copyright free video footage”, you’ll see many places.  The One that Caleb uses a lot is


Price & Verdict

In any normal circumstance, the YTA Method would cost you $18,058. There’s nothing to argue here, it’s just too expensive. To put into context how expensive this is, you can buy a Volkswagen Jetta for this amount of money, let alone a successful YouTube channel.

However, this isn’t any normal circumstance as, for a limited time, you get a discount. The price after discount is $997 (or payment plan 2x$597), which is over $17k worth of savings. This completely changes the worth of the YTA Method. A sub $1000 initial investment on a Youtube channel that’ll eventually get you over $100,000 is a reasonable deal.

Therefore, it is fair to conclude that the YTA Method costing you $997 and coming with the features it does, the additional bonuses and the promised future revenue is definitely worth the price. Every good business needs an initial investment and this just happens to be something most people can afford.

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Thank you for reading.