If you’re selling High-ticket items or services, I’m about to utter the 4 words
90% of 10 marketers dread: PICK UP THE PHONE.

Nothing sells as well as face to face contact except perhaps the phone.

Let’s face it – your prospects are inundated with emails and shout-outs
on social media.

If you really want to connect and make the sale, you need to pick up that
phone and establish a real one-on-one relationship.

If you’re phone-a-phobic, start with existing customers.

Find out how they’re doing with the product(s) they’ve purchased and
what you can do to help them along (coaching, perhaps?)

Next, move on to your lowest hanging fruit – those prospects you deem
most likely to bite.

Make it a rule to call 5 people each day, and within 3 weeks you’ll notice 2 things:

First, being on the phone isn’t so scary anymore.

And second, business is definitely picking up.