You should be doing this every single time you sell a product or service because it will invariably increase your bottom line.


Marketers have added hundreds of thousands of dollars to their sales funnels by simply incorporating these three words into every sales system they create.


What are the 3 magic words? ALWAYS BE UPSELLING. Every single

time you sell anything, offer an upsell / downsell sequence because it can

turn your original $47 sale into a $300 sale or more, simply by offering

the customer additional options.


Offer something that is complementary to the original offer.


It might make the original offer easier or faster to implement, go into more

depth, offer more options, or even perform a service for them.





It could be coaching, an additional information product, software, a membership

program or anything else that helps the customer to achieve the result they want.


What if you don’t have a product or service to offer as an upsell? Then find an

appropriate affiliate product that matches your original offer.


And here’s a secret: When a customer turns down an upsell, they are

typically more open to buying a lower cost (downsell) product.


It’s almost as though the higher ticket item warms them up to the downsell offer.


This is why car dealers and real estate brokers like to show cars and properties

that are too expensive for the client.


Once they show the client something more affordable, the client is more

likely to make an offer than if they’d been shown the lower cost model in the first place.