Surprisingly, the amount of time you spend to create a product is not necessarily a good indicator of the quality or value it will offer to your customers.
I heard a musician being interviewed on the radio the other day who was driving to a recording studio when he realized he only had seven songs.
In fact, he needed fourteen songs for his album. It was going to take him a day to get to the studio, so he literally wrote the other seven songs as he drove, recording them into a tape player so he could remember them later. And that album went on to make sales and launch his music career.
Here’s the key – the musician already had the knowledge of how to write good songs people would like. If you already know how to solve problems in your chosen niche, it’s entirely possible you can create a hot selling product in a day.
If you can solve 7 major problems, you can create 7 new products in a week. But if you have to do a lot of research, then obviously it’s going to take you longer.
Final thoughts

Take as long as you need to get it done and no more. Write an intro that explains that because your information is so vital, you rushed it out as fast as possible so they could start using it immediately.

If there are any typos or mistakes, you apologize and will send them a free — if they are the first to point it out to you. Then in a few weeks when you’ve got plenty of typo feedback, update your product and send everyone the newer version.
Bottom line: You know you shouldn’t try to make your product perfect, but you don’t want to put out junk, either.