[Youtube 1/5]: Top 7 Ways To Make Money With Your YouTube Channel

Top 7 Ways To Make Money With Your YouTube Channel

YouTube  gets more  than 30 billion  unique users per month.  Even  if you  only get  seen by a  fraction of a fraction of that audience, you can build a very nice income in 7 different ways, like this: 1: Send traffic to your website.  If  your  website  is built  to create income,  you can use […]

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[Youtube 2/5]: 7 Ways to Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos

how to get more views

There’s no sense in creating videos if no one is ever going to see them, right? Well,  unless of course you just like seeing yourself on the screen. But  we’re  here to  get our videos  in front of real  viewers, prospects and  future  customers. Thus,  rule #1  of getting views is simple – do not […]

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[Youtube 3/5]: YouTube Q and A

youtube Q and A

Q. Can you really make money with YouTube? A. Yes, but unless you’re already a well-known figure, don’t expect it to happen  overnight. I’ve seen some estimates on what the biggest YouTube players make, and  it’s huge. For example, here’s what the top 10 YouTubers for 2018 made, according to  Forbes:  Logan Paul – $14.5 […]

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