Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing

The 4 Magic Words To Get You More Clients

4 magic words

If you’re selling High-ticket items or services, I’m about to utter the 4 words 90% of 10 marketers dread: PICK UP THE PHONE. Nothing sells as well as face to face contact except perhaps the phone. Let’s face it – your prospects are inundated with emails and shout-outs on social media. If you really want to […]

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The 2 Magic Words To Make You A Marketing Rockstar

If you want your content to be seen and shared, and if you want it to make a lasting impression of prospects, then the written word is seldom enough anymore. Let’s do a test: Tell me everything you can about the person who wrote the blog post you read yesterday. Drawing a blank? Now tell […]

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The 1 Magic Word That Quadruples Productivity And Profits

It’s fine to build your business gradually, a step here and a step there. But it’s so much better, faster and just plain more FUN to build it by leaps and bounds. In the next few days, you’ll get my magic words that will help you to do just that. Forget taking the long, slow […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Making Money In ClickBank

clickbank ultimate guide

I know what some folks say – ClickBank is yesterday’s news. You signed up to ClickBank,  chose a high commission product to promote, dreamt of the money you would make and then heard crickets, right? Like anything else, mastering ClickBank takes time and effort. But in this guide, I’m going to cut your learning curve […]

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What if I Can Show You How to Get Paid Advertising … For Free

How to Get Paid Advertising ... For Free.

In this post, I’m very excited to share with you a simple and easy strategy on how to get paid advertising for free. ”You don’t pay for advertising – you pay for results!” Jay Abraham, the 21.7 Billion dollar man and the highest paid marketing consultant. If you know how much your average customer spends […]

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You are missing the gold with these 5 affiliate marketing myths

the truth bechind 5 affiliate marketing myth

With so many misconceptions about affiliate marketing, business owners of all types are missing the gold … Bad information about some affiliate marketing myths keeps many people from making money online. People give a half-hearted effort to one form of marketing, get disappointed that it didn’t work, and then cry out to the world that […]

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