Your small business blogging is a great way to position yourself as an authority. This is achievable if you’re willing to devote the time necessary. In this post, I’ll show you the best strategies to take your business blogging to the next level. All you need is to put them in action right now.

2. Show your personality

Building reader loyalty takes time. Also, it is more than only great information: it also takes personality. Let your unique style shine through in your posts. Don’t be afraid to reveal insights about yourself or be controversial when its called for. Nothing rallies readers like a good controversy. Nothing makes readers more loyal than if they know you well enough to think of you as a friend.

2. Educate, inform and inspire

Whenever possible, use real-life stories to inspire your readers. Nothing sells like success. People love to read how others have overcome the same challenges they’re having. Whenever you’re stuck for a blog post idea, do think, “What do my readers want to know? How can I help my readers and give them value?” Watch the forums for questions that pop up – this is an excellent source for ideas.

3. Advertise your products.

In the past, writing sales copy like an editorial was the key to get more readers and more sales. Advertise, by all means, your products and services on your website, but don’t be devious about it. Don’t make it look like an article when it’s in fact self-promotion. It annoys your readers and makes them feel let down. When you’ve got them thinking they’re going to learn something new, only to discover they have got to pay to get it. So do not title your blog post “Revealed: 35 Ways to Drive Traffic”. Then reveal nothing about driving traffic except the order link to your new product. Instead, title your blog post, “Revealed: 5 Ways to Drive Traffic” and then give them the 5 ways. In the end, let them know that if they’re interested. You reveal 30 extra methods inside your product and give them the link. They’ll respect you for this because you’ve given them good information. They’ll respect you if you demonstrated that you know what you’re talking about. It will at the end, INCREASE your sales.

4. Be the authority

Do not spend all your time promoting yourself. You need rather to focus on dishing about all the latest updates in your industry. Then you become the expert in your prospects’ eyes. And who do people want to do business with? The expert. Who can charge more for their products and services? Again, the expert. Offer up the latest news along with plenty of how-to articles and your readers will come to like and trust you. Then,  they want to do business with you.

5. Promote your blog

It would be great if you could write it and people would come, but it’s seldom that easy. In order to boost your business blogging, use your network to promote your blog by letting them know each time you’ve made a new post. Guest write for other blogs to promote your blog. And always ask people to share your blog with others.

6. Ask readers to reply

The more active your business blog is, the more appealing it is to new and old readers alike. Always ask your readers to leave their comments on each of your blog posts. You might even consider running a contest to see who can write the best response, and give a prize to the winner. Whatever it takes to increase comments is something you should consider. Not only does it make your blog appear that much more active and always liked. It also provides a sense of ownership to each person who takes the time to leave a comment. The more they comment, the more likely they are to tell others about your blog and to return to your blog in the future. Be sure to respond to your reader’s comments so they know they’re heard and appreciated. And this is vital to the wealth of your business blogging.

7. Don’t blog unless you want to

Blogging is a commitment. While it might seem exciting and fun in the beginning, writing a new blog post every day or two can get old. Especially after the first couple of weeks when you feel like nobody’s been reading it. If you’re not sure you can keep a blog rolling. You may consider writing guest posts for other blogs, websites and email newsletters.

8. Guest blogging

Every publisher is looking for new material. Being the guest blogger or writer puts you in front of a new audience of prospects each time. Write a GREAT resources box. Offer them something intriguing with tremendous value for going to your site. Next, deliver above and beyond their expectations. This is an excellent method to increase your list of prospects and becoming well known in your niche.

9. Interview the experts

Interviewing others in your niche not only produces great content. It also provides you with powerful contacts and access to their readers. So go ahead and ask others in your niche for interviews. The worst they can do is say no. Then you’ll see how many could say yes. Remember, they want to increase their readership as well. So, it’s a tremendous ego boost to be sought out and interviewed as an expert in their industry.

Final thoughts

If there is a strategy #10, it is this: Have fun. Whatever it takes to make your blog writing fun is what you should do. Your enjoyment and passion for your topic will shine through in your posts. The more fun you’re having writing your blog, the more enjoyable it will be for readers to visit and linger. So yes, have a blast, add humor, don’t be afraid to hold yourself up as an example to your readers. Put your heart and soul into it, and go for it!
Now, it’s your turn. Let me know what strategy do you use for keeping your small business blog growing and successful?
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