Work-At-Home Secrets & Scam by John Crestani

JC with chris hanson

Review: Work-At-Home Secrets & Scam by John Crestani   Work-At-Home Secrets & Scams is a digital workbook to help you figure out what home-based business opportunities are available, and includes exercises and additional resources to help you create your home-based side income. Created by John Crestani, a super-affiliate marketer who’s been featured in Forbes, ABC, […]

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THE YTA METHOD: The NEW WAY To Profit From YouTube


THE YTA METHOD: The NEW WAY To Profit From YouTube Introduction  In this YTA Masterclass review, you’ll learn about the next big business model. It’s a NEW WAY to leverage YouTube to make money online without being a “YouTuber” or even spending a dime on YouTube ads. During these uncertain economic times, it’s critical to add a […]

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Can’t Write 6 Emails a Week? Do This

email marketing

If you don’t have time to write 6 or 7 emails each week to send to  your list, try this method instead: Pick out several evergreen products that you know and trust and  can promote to your list for months (years?) to come. For example,  your favorite hosting service or autoresponder, if you’re in the […]

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The 4 Magic Words To Get You More Clients

4 magic words

If you’re selling High-ticket items or services, I’m about to utter the 4 words 90% of 10 marketers dread: PICK UP THE PHONE. Nothing sells as well as face to face contact except perhaps the phone. Let’s face it – your prospects are inundated with emails and shout-outs on social media. If you really want to […]

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Got an Email List? How to Make $1,000 in One Hour

got an email list

If you already have one or more email lists, and either a Skype or Facebook account, then this might be a way for you to make some quick cash. You need the ability to see when people are online, hence the need for Skype or Facebook. Before you do this, build a quick webpage where […]

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The 3 Magic Words That Can DOUBLE Your Sales

3 magic words

You should be doing this every single time you sell a product or service because it will invariably increase your bottom line.   Marketers have added hundreds of thousands of dollars to their sales funnels by simply incorporating these three words into every sales system they create.   What are the 3 magic words? ALWAYS […]

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5 Strategies To Get Tons Of Blog Traffic

5 blog strategies

Here are 5 proven and tested strategies to get tons of traffic to  your blog  #1: Create timely content and circulate it to the right platforms.  Instead  of always  pursuing evergreen  content, create fresh,  trending content that is relevant to the world at that moment. #2: Know the purpose of your content.  Focusing on pleasing […]

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[Youtube 1/5]: Top 7 Ways To Make Money With Your YouTube Channel

Top 7 Ways To Make Money With Your YouTube Channel

YouTube  gets more  than 30 billion  unique users per month.  Even  if you  only get  seen by a  fraction of a fraction of that audience, you can build a very nice income in 7 different ways, like this: 1: Send traffic to your website.  If  your  website  is built  to create income,  you can use […]

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[Youtube 2/5]: 7 Ways to Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos

how to get more views

There’s no sense in creating videos if no one is ever going to see them, right? Well,  unless of course you just like seeing yourself on the screen. But  we’re  here to  get our videos  in front of real  viewers, prospects and  future  customers. Thus,  rule #1  of getting views is simple – do not […]

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[Youtube 3/5]: YouTube Q and A

youtube Q and A

Q. Can you really make money with YouTube? A. Yes, but unless you’re already a well-known figure, don’t expect it to happen  overnight. I’ve seen some estimates on what the biggest YouTube players make, and  it’s huge. For example, here’s what the top 10 YouTubers for 2018 made, according to  Forbes:  Logan Paul – $14.5 […]

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